Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

These are not your mama’s meatballs.  Spicy, savory and cheesy, these buffalo chicken meatballs are a slam dunk.  Great as an appetizer, BBQ parties, game days or just dinner, they will not disappoint.  What goes into a buffalo chicken meatball? This recipe is not only mouthwatering delicious but somewhat healthy as well!  Made from lean […]

Game Day Crunchy Meatballs

It has the traditional taste of homemade smokey BBQ meatballs with a twist.  Coated in crunchy chips of your choice, this delicious snack works both as an appetizer and chip challenge.  What potato chips would you select for your flavor face off?   How to make homemade meatballs     For the meat, use a […]

Grilled Octopus

Going deep into the ocean for this recipe!  I have had grilled octopus at restaurants numerous times, but never made it myself.  So, as we are in the middle of an arctic freeze, why not grill up some tentacles and pretend I’m somewhere tropical. The added freshness from the zesty lemon and vinegar are perfect […]

Buffalo Chicken Dip

The delicious taste of a rotisserie chicken, savoriness from the melted cheeses, kick from the hot sauce ranch mix and smokiness from the charcoal make this recipe a ultimate crowd pleaser.   This dip is super easy to make with a few shortcuts along the way to make the process even faster.   Ways to prepare […]

Loaded Italian Sausage Skewers

Looking for a quick dinner or party snack than look no further than these loaded Italian sausage skewers.  It’s deliciously savory, crunchy and gooey.  With only 4 ingredients, this is a fan favorite. Slice up the veggies. This recipe requires very little prep time.  Pick 3 colorful bell peppers and a yellow onion.  Slice the […]

Grilled Beef Ribs

Sometimes a simple beefy snack is all I want.  These grilled beef ribs are the perfect solution for a quick bite or party finger food.  Best of all it’s super fast and easy to make. With just a little bit of seasoning, these thinly sliced flanken style short ribs are packed with delicious BBQ and […]

Chorizo Queso Dip

Dips are always a great and easy food solution when entertaining.  Pair it with chips, homemade tortillas or veggies and you’ve got a crowd pleasure.  With super bowl just around the corner, I made this delicious chorizo queso dip.       Cook the chorizo first. This is a very simple recipe to make.  It consists […]

BBQ cocktail meatballs

Whether you are tailgating or hosting a holiday party, you can never go wrong with some BBQ cocktail meatballs.  They are the perfect and delicious snack or appetizer and can feed a crowd. Make everything from scratch or just the sauce, I have both recipe options for you. Prep the BBQ cocktail meatballs Depending on […]

Cajun Honey Pork Bites

These cajun honey pork bites are the perfect quick solution for a delicious party snack or weeknight dinner.  The richness of the buttery sauce is full of sweet and spicy flavors that make for a mouth watering treat.  The small bite size snack is perfectly served with a toothpick as I guarantee people will be […]

Grilled Brie Bites

The savoriness from brie cheese and sweetness from homemade cranberry sauce, these grilled brie bites are sure to bring some cheer at the next Holiday party.  These mini pastries are the perfect little appetizer.  With a few simple seasonal ingredients, these only take a few minutes to make and best of all will fill the […]