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Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

These are not your mama’s meatballs.  Spicy, savory and cheesy, these buffalo chicken meatballs are a slam dunk.  Great as an appetizer, BBQ parties, game

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BBQ Chicken

Want to know how to grill up the best tasting BBQ chicken?  Then look no further than my simple technique that will guarantee tender and

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Hasselback Chicken

Elevate an ordinary chicken breast by adding some veggies to it and melt cheese all over.  That is what I did with this hasselback chicken

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Chicken Tacos

Chicken thighs are way underrated.  It’s a great cut of protein that is packed with flavor, doesn’t dry out as quickly as a breast and

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Dry Rub Wings

Grilled chicken wings is one of those recipes that I believe I have perfected over time.  The crispy skin and tender, fall off the bone

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Grilled Chicken Halves

Grilled chicken halves are a great dinner option especially if you are serving people with different flavor requests.  Some prefer dry rub only, while others

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