Beef is one of my favorite proteins to grill. A perfectly grilled medium rare steak is my go to cook, but the grilling methods are endless. Hot and fast steak, low and slow brisket, skewers or stews, the recipe ideas are endless.

Grilled Steak

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Tender Beef Ribs

Cuts of Beef

Your beef selection should be based on what you want to grill or cook. Each cut varies in texture, tenderness and flavor profile. Some cuts can be grilled hot and fast, like a delicious Strip steak. While others, like brisket, need hours of low and slow cooking to get tender and delicious. .

Chuck Roast is perfect for those low and slow cooks. It’s a cheaper cut of beef that is best suited for stews, shredding or making burnt ends.

Filet is the most luxurious of cuts. Best cooked hot and fast, served rare/medium rare for maximum tenderness.

Strip is one of the most popular cuts. Not as tender as the filet, but packed full of beefy flavor.

Ribeye is my personal favorite. The perfect mix of beefy flavor, tenderness and fattiness.

Brisket is the king of BBQ. This large and tough cut needs hours of low and slow cooking to achieve maximum flavor and tenderness.

Juicy Burger Ideas:

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