Hey, I’m Maciek!

Grillin With Dad

I fell in love with cooking at a very young age. I remember hanging out in the kitchen with my Mom and trying to help her out. From mixing ingredients to washing the dishes, I loved doing it all. It wasn’t until we moved from Poland to the United States, that I fell in love with bbq and grilling.

The smell of summer bbqs, burning charcoal, sizzling meats, it was intoxicating. From that very young age, I knew I found my hobby. As I got older I would try new recipes on the grill but kept it pretty basic and simple. I was just a backyard bbq cook that loved to fire up the grill. One year for Father’s Day, my loving wife bought me a Big Green Egg. It was a dream grill of mine! I was 35 years old and decided right there and than to start an Instagram page to share my dishes with the world. And Grillin With Dad was born!

What started as a fun hobby, quickly has grown into a full blown passion. My Instagram page quickly started to grow and I saw the need for easy and simple grilling recipes. I shared everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. If something didn’t work out, I tried it again until I got it right. Our community of grill enthusiasts loved the transparency and easy approach to grilling.

I started posting content across all social media platforms and quickly amassed millions of followers from across the globe. And over time it has expended to having my own line of bbq seasonings, doing live grilling events, creating new recipes, making amazing content and working with the biggest brands in the world

Let’s fire up the grill and make something delicious together!

Quick Facts

  • Over 3 million followers across all social media platforms
  • 1 million+ annual website readers
  • 20 million+ monthly reach across platforms
  • 300+ easy and delicious grilling recipes
  • Simple and approachable grilling tips
  • Featured on Good Morning America, WGN News and other national media

Work With Us

Easy, approachable and relatable. These 3 key concepts have allowed us to build a strong community of grilling enthusiasts. From the beginner cook to the experienced grill master, we have something for everyone. Our influence and community spreads across all social media platforms. We work only with brands that will resonate with our audience and have products that we use ourselves. From big national brands to small startups, we can create amazing, original content that will highlight your products.

If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out via email: grillinwithdad@gmail.com

These are some of our current and previous partners:

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