BBQ Chicken

Want to know how to grill up the best tasting BBQ chicken?  Then look no further than my simple technique that will guarantee tender and juicy meat. Make a homemade BBQ sauce to add flavor and you have a winning summer dish.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, simple is better. How to spatchcock a […]

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Are there days you just crave a really good BBQ chicken sandwich?  Well, I do all the time.  This quick and easy recipe is the perfect lunch or dinner option that is full of delicious flavors.  It’s savory, gooey with a little kick.  Cooked on a griddle, this cubed up bbq chicken sandwich is my […]

Hasselback Chicken

Elevate an ordinary chicken breast by adding some veggies to it and melt cheese all over.  That is what I did with this hasselback chicken recipe and it was a hit.  The meat was tender, the veggies added flavor and texture and the melted cheese brought it all together.  Simple and easy, this is a […]

Buffalo Chicken Dip

The delicious taste of a rotisserie chicken, savoriness from the melted cheeses, kick from the hot sauce ranch mix and smokiness from the charcoal make this recipe a ultimate crowd pleaser.   This dip is super easy to make with a few shortcuts along the way to make the process even faster.   Ways to prepare […]

Chicken Drumsticks in Alabama White Sauce

Growing up, my favorite part of the chicken were drumsticks.  I’ve made my fair share of them over the years, from grilled, oven roasted, lollipops and the latest were butterflied chicken drumsticks.  Wanted to change it up a bit and instead of making a hot sauce, I made chicken drumsticks in Alabama white sauce.  Wow, […]

Over The Top White Chicken Chili

During cold winter months all I can think of are warm hearty meals.  What’s better than some chili on a dark winter afternoon!  For this recipe I incorporated a smoking technique making an over the top white chicken chili.  By spatchcocking a whole chicken and smoking it above the chili mix, it brings a new […]

Lemon Pepper Chicken

When life gives you lemons, you make Lemon Pepper Chicken?  Well, that’s what came to my mind and it was delicious!  The zesty tartness of the sauce over the perfectly grilled chicken breasts accompanied by baby broccoli made for a perfect dinner.  Fast and easy to make, this is the perfectly simple and healthy recipe […]

Bacon Ranch Chicken Casserole

Sundays always bring families together for dinner.  If you are looking for a quick and simple meal then look no further than this delicious bacon ranch chicken casserole dish. The chicken is tender, juicy with hints of smokiness.  The homemade alfredo sauce delivers on strong garlicky flavors as well as ranch all mixed together with […]

One Pan Chicken Dinner

A one pan chicken dinner is the easiest and quickest way to make a flavorful and hearty weeknight meal!  The tender chicken and roasted seasonal veggies are the perfect savory meal full of garlic and herb flavors. Best of all there is little mess and cleanup. Prepare the one pan chicken dinner For this recipe […]

Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich

This classic fried chicken sandwich is the perfect homemade dish that tastes much better than the fast food options.  The chicken is tender, the crust is crispy and flavorful as each bite is an explosion of comfort food. Top off with a delicious hot honey sauce and you have a winning sandwich. Prep the buttermilk […]