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It’s finally here!  My very fist BBQ spice rub.  

After years of mixing spices and using other brands, I have finally launched Dad’s All Purpose Rub. A lot of love, labor and grill testing went into creating the perfect flavor. It’s a versatile rub, that works great on all proteins including chicken, pork, beef and even veggies.  Reminiscent of traditional BBQ potato chips, it’s a must have for everyday grillin.

I’m proud to put my name on this product.

I have selected a few recipes to get you started using Dad’s All Purpose Rub.  From chicken, pork to beef, there is something for everyone. 

Braided Pork Loin.

Braided pork loin

It’s a showstopper that not only looks pretty but tastes amazing!  The seasoning is more present in this dish because of the braiding technique allowing more pieces to have flavor.

Grilled Chicken Halves.

Grilled Chicken Halves

Grilled chicken halves makes for one delicious dinner option.  This simple technique using only 3 ingredients is a great way to get started on mastering deliciously flavorful and tender chicken.

Steak Pinwheels.Steak Pinwheel

Stuffed with cheese, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, and seasoned with Dad’s All Purpose Rub, this recipe not only tastes great but will impress everyone at the dinner table. 

Dry Rub Wings.

Dry Rub Wings

The crispy skin and tender, fall off the bone meat is the ultimate grillin snack. My simple technique will have you grilling up some deliciously flavorful wings in no time!



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I make easy meals that anyone can replicate at home. I’m not a professionally trained chef, just your average guy that likes to fire up the grill. So follow along and see what’s cooking today!

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  1. Quick question are these blended spices or SPICY as in HOT. Interested but need to know a little more.thx