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Growing up, my favorite part of the chicken were drumsticks.  I’ve made my fair share of them over the years, from grilled, oven roasted, lollipops and the latest were butterflied chicken drumsticks.  Kids loved it!  It’s a fun way to cook this cut ensuring an even cook throughout and so much easier to eat. While this is not a recipe, I wanted to share the technique with you all.

How to butterfly chicken drumsticks.

Buffalo hot sauce chicken drumstick ingredients

Butterflying drumsticks is easier than it may looks.  Slice the meat around the bone without cutting if off completely. Press down on the meat and the chicken should easily spread open resembling wings. Check out my IG video below that demonstrates this process.

butterlied chicken drumsticks

Once you’ve completed this step, season with your favorite BBQ seasoning and get it on the grill. I used an all purpose seasoning by my buddy Kendrick BBQ which is a great blend of spices designed to accent the savory flavors of any dish.

How to grill the perfect chicken drumstick

Drumsticks on the grill

Preheat the grill to 400 degrees and set it for dual zone.  This means you need to have an indirect as well as direct heat set up.  Once the grill is to temp, place the drumsticks on the indirect side first for about 15 minutes to get most of the cook done, and them move to the direct side to crisp up the skin and get some nice color on the meat.

Dunking hot sauce

Dunked Chicken Drumsticks

Once the butterflied chicken drumsticks reach 175 degrees internal temp, remove the drumsticks off the grill, dunk them in your favorite BBQ or hot sauce meat side down. I was craving some buffalo spice and used  Franks Red Hot for the sauce. Place the chicken back on the grill for another 1-2 minutes for the sauce to caramelize and enjoy!

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