Juicy Lucy Burger

This juicy lucy burger recipe is full of delicious sweet and savory flavors.  With a homemade BBQ sauce, this is a must for your next backyard party.  The beef is juicy, cheesy, and perfectly seasoned, the sauce adds a nice touch of sweetness and the crunchy onions are the perfect finish to this amazing burger.  […]

Armadillo Eggs

These Texas Armadillo Eggs are basically jalapeno poppers wrapped in sausage. Seriously, could it get any better?  Savory and spicy, it’s great for tailgating or summer hang outs.   The seasoned bacon adds tenderness to the sausage as the fat renders off, adding flavor and crunch with each bite.   2 simple steps to make the perfect […]

Chicken in White Alabama Sauce

Looking to grill or smoke a whole chicken but tired of BBQ sauce?  Then you have to try this chicken in white Alabama sauce recipe.  It’s tangy, spicy and creamy.  It’s the perfect pairing to a perfectly smoked tender spatchcock chicken.  How to spatchcock a chicken. To start, cut out the backbone from the chicken […]

BBQ Chicken

Want to know how to grill up the best tasting BBQ chicken?  Then look no further than my simple technique that will guarantee tender and juicy meat. Make a homemade BBQ sauce to add flavor and you have a winning summer dish.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, simple is better. How to spatchcock a […]

Chicken Tacos

Chicken thighs are way underrated.  It’s a great cut of protein that is packed with flavor, doesn’t dry out as quickly as a breast and absorbs marinates and spices well.  Simple, savory seasoning and fresh homemade salsa is all you need to make the perfect chicken tacos.  Easy, simple and fast to make.  It should […]

Grilled Scallops

I don’t make fish often enough, but I should!  These grilled scallops in a garlic butter sauce were amazing!  A very simple recipe that takes minutes to make, yet is very flavorful and looks pretty too. This is a great dish when entertaining, impress your guests with this elegant treat and people will remember.   […]

Stuffed Pork Chops

Elevate an ordinary pork dinner with this stuffed pork chops recipe.  It’s quick and easy and most importantly delivers on flavor!  The seared tender pork stuffed with sauteed spinach, sun dried tomatoes and ricotta cheese filling will make them coming back for more.   What’s in the stuffing? There are so many ingredients that can be […]

Pineapple Throne Chicken

Pineapple Throne Chicken

Step up your chicken game with this pineapple throne chicken recipe.  Full of flavor, this tropical delight is one for the books.  The tenderness of the chicken, juiciness from the pineapple and crunch from the salsa will have you dreaming of a beach vacation all day long.   How to grill the perfect pineapple throne chicken. […]

Pub Style Blue Cheese Burger

Who doesn’t like a good burger!  This pub style blue cheese burger with homemade buns are on a whole other level.  The juiciness of the patty, savoriness of the cheese sauce and softness of the buns are the perfect combo to elevate an American classic. How to make the best homemade buns. Normally, I would […]

Chicken Philly Sliders

While I really enjoy traditional Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, these Chicken Philly Sliders are just as good if not better!  Perfect for game day or party food, these mini samies are filled with deliciously tender and grilled chicken thigh meat, perfectly sautéed veggies all in a soft Kings Hawaiian slider.   How to grill the perfect Chicken […]