Loaded Italian Sausage Skewers

Looking for a quick dinner or party snack than look no further than these loaded Italian sausage skewers.  It’s deliciously savory, crunchy and gooey.  With only 4 ingredients, this is a fan favorite. Slice up the veggies. This recipe requires very little prep time.  Pick 3 colorful bell peppers and a yellow onion.  Slice the […]

Jerk Pork Chops

Pork chops are a cut that can easily be dry, tough and flavorless if not grilled properly.  One way to avoid this kitchen disaster is by cooking to the right temperature and marinating the meat for a punch of flavor.  These jerk pork chops definitely did not lack in flavor nor were they dry.  The […]

French Onion Pork Loin

This french onion pork loin recipe is a great way to upgrade an ordinary pork recipe into something spectacular!  If you love onions and cheese, this is the dish for you.  This recipe delivers of those french onion flavors along with a perfectly tender pork loin that cannot be missed.  This is a great recipe […]

The Perfect Holiday Pork Roast

This year, make the perfect holiday pork roast with this simple recipe.  The meat will be extremely tender and juicy while the homemade spicy bourbon sauce gives this dish a kick of savory flavors that people will be talking about all year! Prepare the pork roast In order to have a beautiful presentation, you will […]

Tomahawk Pork Chops

First time making these tomahawk pork chops by Neiman Ranch and they did not disappoint. Slightly seasoned with salt and pepper and these chops came out tender and flavorful. The honey and soy glaze amplified the savoriness of the dish. A delicious meal in only 15 minutes. Simple seasoning is all that’s needed Pat the […]

Braided Pork Loin

This braided pork loin is the perfect centerpiece for your next Holiday gathering!  It’s a showstopper that not only looks pretty but tastes amazing!  The seasoning is more present in this dish because of the braiding technique allowing more pieces to have flavor.  The vinegar based BBQ sauce adds a punch of tanginess that brightens […]

The Perfect Pork Chops

Love pork chops but intimidated by their thickness?  Or worse, do you tend to over cook this cut of meat?  Let me show you how to grill the perfect pork chops.  Tender and juicy, low and slow is the name of the game.  This method will guarantee delicious chops every time. Simple seasoning is all […]

Cajun Honey Pork Bites

These cajun honey pork bites are the perfect quick solution for a delicious party snack or weeknight dinner.  The richness of the buttery sauce is full of sweet and spicy flavors that make for a mouth watering treat.  The small bite size snack is perfectly served with a toothpick as I guarantee people will be […]

Classic Pulled Pork

When getting a new smoker, I always recommend cooking a classic pulled pork first.  This is a great recipe to test out the grill, learn fire management and most importantly perfect that tender meat.  It’s fool proof, easy and you can always camouflage it with BBQ sauce if too dry.  That said, my two-step method […]

Salsa Verde Pulled Pork Tacos

I saw my friends from socal make these amazing salsa verde pulled pork tacos at the recent Eggtober fest in Atlanta and decided to replicate this recipe for Taco Tuesday! The tenderness and smokiness of the pulled pork mixed in with the charred and spicy homemade salsa verde and pickled onion make for an amazingly […]