Ribs in Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce

There has been a big trend in using Dr. Pepper soda for various BBQ sauces.  So why not jump on the bandwagon.  I made these beautiful baby back ribs in Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce and they are one of the best ribs I’ve ever made!  There is definitely something about the many flavors of this […]

Kansas City Style Ribs

Nothing screams BBQ more than racks of tender and flavorful ribs.  These Kansas City style ribs were smoked to perfection while the thick sticky sauce made this recipe hard to beat.  For many grillin connoisseurs, smoking ribs is an art and intimidating to new comers.  My fool proof recipe will have you making memorable racks […]

Cajun Honey Butter Ribs

Do you ever get a craving for some delicious BBQ ribs but don’t have the time or energy to spend half a day making them?  Well, this 30 minute BBQ rib recipe will save the day. And to make them even better this cajun honey butter sauce is the perfect quick coating.  The richness of […]

Baby Back Ribs

Smoking ribs is my favorite thing to grill.  I’ve tried different ways of preparing ribs with spices and rubs as well as different methods.  But the traditional, old school way, seems to work the best. I made a slight little twist on this Baby Bak Ribs recipe by limiting the amount of sugar.  I love […]