One of the most versetile proteins, chicken is perfect for grilling. From crispy chicken wings to whole roasted chickens, we have plenty of delicious recipes.

Top Chicken & Turkey Recipes

Grilled Chicken Wings

Dad’s Seasonings

After years of mixing spices and using other brands, I have finally launched

my own line of rubs. A lot of love, labor and grill testing goes into creating

the perfect blends. Flavorful and versatile, these rubs are a must have for

any grill master and home cook.

Spatchcock Chicken


Chicken is the most versatile protein and a great one to experiment with.  Chicken on its own is pretty bland in flavor. Adding rubs, sauces, using different cooking methods can greatly change the flavor profile.

Beer Can Chicken.  A great way to infuse flavor into the meat from both sides. It’s the double punch. Seasoning and sauce on top and a beer or soda can underneath for additional moisture.

Spatchcock Chicken.  One of my favorite ways to grill a whole chicken.  This method ensures evenly cooked meat throughout and crispy skin all around.

Chicken Lollipops.  A modern take on the old school drumstick.  Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but fun to eat as well.  Dip it in your favorite BBQ sauce or just enjoy with a dry rub.  Either way, this is a crowd pleaser for all age groups.

Chicken Wings. Who doesn’t like wings!  Talk about flavor varieties.  Once you master getting the meat tender and skin crispy, just select the sauce.  Spicy, sweet or savory the flavors are endless

Saucy Chicken

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